Sunday, 13 January 2013

First Time!!

I’m sure that when you see the title "first time" you'll be like :o and you will be thinking of something else hahaha but let me assure you it’s not what you think :p I mean it’s my first time BLOGGING :p :p 

I just decided to have blog because sometime stuff just pop into my head and I feel like writing it somewhere  and see if someone else share the same thoughts and I’m bored :p I’m sure I’m not the only one right now.

I like leaving empty lines so it would be easier to read... 

Crap I just forgot what I was gonna write about :/ so this is just me blabbing hehehe. about the name its actually definitely random but I had to pick def because the other one wasn’t available and the random part is obvious I think because I just write random stuff whatever comes to mind O.o if you prefer a certain topic just e-mail me

Well I’m a girl and I’m a freshman in college. This is probably me trying to avoid studying :D we all do it but we don’t admit it or at least I don’t sometimes. I’m a ONE DIRECTION FAN but not a #1 fan or anything I like to think I am but I like don’t know their birthdays, tours or any personal stuff only that harry used to date Taylor swift and that he likes older women. O and zany’s GF is perrie smth I’m not sure but I love her hair <3.

o speaking of Taylor swift what’s up with that girl LOOL she’s like trying to get her heart broken I like her and all but WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!! From one boy to the other TRY AND CATCH YOUR BREATHE!! And then she writes songs claiming to be the victim HAVE YOU MET YOU?? You’re basically throwing yourself under the bus: / :/ I love her music I really do but I dk :/

Okay enough for today because I’m really tired and I have to wake up really early tomorrow first day of spring semester wish me luck!! <3